Thursday, 30 August 2012

(Nearly) Final Programme for Canning House Event

Here is the Final Programme for Wednesday's event at Canning House to discuss Britain's role in the independence of the Bolivarian Republics, primarily Colombia and Venezuela. I'm hoping that one or two extra names will go into the properly final version when we go to press on Wednesday morning. Everyone who attends the event will get a printed version of the Programme when they arrive: so you don't need to print it out in advance. We are expecting a full house so I am very excited!

Britain and the Independence of the Bolivarian Republics
Canning House, 5 September 2012
How did Britain assist the Independence of Spain’s colonies in South America at the beginning of the nineteenth-century? How should this encounter be remembered today, during the bicentennaries of independence?
14.00hrs: Introductory Comments and Welcome
Matthew Brown

14.15hrs: Session 1: New Research on Britain and Independence
Matthew Brown: New Directions in Research on Britain and the Independence of the Bolivarian Republics
Karen Racine: Spanish Americans in London in the Independence-Era
Edgardo Mondolfi Gudat: NE EXEUNT REGNO (“No one is entitled to leave the realm”): Some observations regarding the “Enlistment Act” of 1819 passed by Parliament in order to avoid the recruitment of British volunteers to the Spanish Main
Daniel Gutiérrez Ardila: Leandro Miranda, Publicist and Diplomat between Britain and Colombia (1824-1832)

16.00hrs: Coffee/Tea

16.15hrs: Session 2: Round-table Discussion: ‘Reflections on Legacies, Descendents, Future Research and Commemorations’.
Introduced by Professor Eric Thomas, vice-chancellor of the University of Bristol. Discussants include: Professor Inés Quintero, Dr. Natalia Sobrevilla Perea, H.E. Dr. Samuel Moncada and H.E. Mauricio Rodríguez Múnera.

18.00hrs: Reception, including book launch of Matthew Brown, The Struggle for Power in Post-Independence Colombia and Venezuela (Palgrave/Macmillan, 2012). All welcome.

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